JJ’s Bootleg Original Cocktail Mixer

Legend has it the first Bootleg Cocktail was created during prohibition by a bartender in Minnesota to mask the distinct taste and smell of the bootlegged alcohol. The crisp, refreshing cocktail is a longtime favorite of JJ’s founders; Jessica and JD (JJ). Jessica, a Minnesota native, has been making her own bootleg mix since the early 2000’s using only simple, fresh ingredients. For years she dreamt of bottling her mix, and in 2020 that dream was realized. Life’s adventures have recently landed Jessica and JD in the south. JJ’s Bootleg is handcrafted in the greater Atlanta metro area. Still made in small batches using only simple, fresh ingredients, then frozen to preserve the integrity of the mix. Jessica and JD are committed to sharing JJ’s Bootleg with their community and the world.

How To Make The Perfect Boot

The best thing about the Bootleg Cocktail is that it tastes delicious no matter what spirit you mix it with. Most people prefer to mix theirs with Vodka or Tequila, but Gin, Rum and Whiskey taste great too. For a non-alcoholic drink simply omit the spirit.

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Roswell Farmers
& Artisans
Saturdays 8am – noon


Contact us at jessica@jjsbootleg.com (shipping/delivery areas limited).


Want to purchase JJ’s Bootleg at your favorite store or watering hole? Tell them to check us out!! We love meeting new people and sharing our drink mix!

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